No time like the present!

While I was thinking about going for my morning walk, waiting as you do for someone to put something interesting up on Facebook, a voice came into my head. Do it now, go! No time like the present!
So as I was walking I thought about the phrase "No time like the present".

We have all heard the phrase and up until today I always thought it meant "do it now you lazy cow" or something similar, simply a way to get a person going. But actually when you think about it, there IS no time like the present, in other words, you cannot do anything in the past or future, not even in the next minute as these times do not, in reality, exist.

You can only actually do anything in the fraction of time that you are existing in right Ergo, there is no time BUT the present time.

So does it matter which fraction of a millisecond we choose to accomplish a deed? I think so. The reason I say this is that although we are aware of time, for most of us time exists in chunks called 'days' "Oh I'll do it tomorrow" and some people operate in chunks called 'years' "Just writing up my New Year's resolutions". Others are aware of minutes as their yardstick "Just a minute!".

But I feel that since there are, in our lives, a finite number of 'present moments' to accomplish things in, that we should grasp them all. Especially considering we don't even know how many of these moments we will have. So instead of saying "Seize the day!" we should be saying "Seize the moment!"

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