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Jennifer Aniston
I wonder how many of you tried imagining a new life as we discussed in the last posts, and how many have seen some positive changes in their lives? I also wonder how many tried and had nothing much happen. Was it you? Yes, I know - it's not that simple. Or shall I say rather, it's not that easy. The system is simple but we will all find that our karma gets in the way. Or what we tend to call our "karma".

Karma - we've all heard of it. Simply put "What goes around comes around" or "You reap what you sow". But karma is just a process, the basic order of life where "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"- (Isaac Newton).

What we really mean when we say karma in this post is actually "karmic debt". In other words we have come to exist on this earth to balance out actions we have taken in previous lives. Actions which caused some degree of harm in some way, and need to be atoned for. We need to be on the receiving end to understand what this felt like, and therefore be able to firstly ask forgiveness, and secondly to never do it again.

So how do we know what our karmic debt is? Mostly we can recognise it by the things that keep happening to us, things that seem to hold us back, or even harm us. For example say, a person who, no matter how hard he tries, always misses out on promotion at work, or perhaps a woman who keeps attracting the same sort of undesirable men into her life. You probably already have some idea of what your karmic debt is. But if you feel the need to address your karmic debt once and for all so that you can end your life in peace, then you may want to be sure of your facts so that you can do the job properly.
I can show you a simple way to check what your karmic debt(s) might be. It's called Chinese Lo Shu Numerology. This information is derived from a document by Blair Gorman. I will use Jennifer Aniston's numbers again to illustrate the point.

First we draw a 3 x 3 grid and pencil in lightly the numbers as below.

3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7

Next we write out the date of birth:

Jennifer's is 11th February 1969 so we write is as 11 02 1969, and insert the numbers into the grid in their correct places, like this:

3 6 99
2 5 8
111 4 7

Place any zeros underneath - 0

Next we draw lines through the numbers if 3 numbers appear in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) - these are called positive arrows, and lines through where all three numbers are missing (these are called negative arrows - there is one negative arrow in Jen's chart and no positive arrows.

\ 6 99
2 \ 8
111 4 \


Now we interpret the chart.
Three 1's means: These people are either great talkers, or never say a word. They are generally happy and are most likely employed as entertainers or in the communications industry. They are very confident.

One 2 means: These people are very intelligent, perceptive, intuitive and sensitive. Their first impressions of other people are usually correct as they can easily assess their motivations. They are tactful, diplomatic and co-operative.

One 6 means: These people love home and family, make good parents and enjoy domestic responsibilities. They have the potential to be creative. They tend to worry about being left widowed and alone.

Two 9's means that these people are so intelligent they can at times look down on others who are not so gifted. They are idealistic.

One zero means that Jen has one karmic debt to repay in this lifetime. Exactly what this debt is will only become clear to her, as she lives her life and finds the same sort of unpleasant things happening to her repeatedly. However there is more that can be interpreted in the chart which may give an indication of how to meet the debt, certain lessons that need to be learned. I've listed Jen's lessons below, some of which she would already have learned.

Firstly, the negative arrow running diagonally top left to bottom right means that these people have a karmic issue regarding skepticism. They don't trust others and need to have facts proven before believing. They need to learn to become more trusting.

Missing 3's in the chart mean - these people possibly undervalue themselves, may even lack confidence, and could have trouble thinking logically when under stress. They must learn to accept themselves as they are, faults and all. They also need to learn to focus and ignore distractions.

Missing 4's mean - These people dislike hard work and can be disorganized and unmotivated. They hate Mondays. They need to learn to discipline themselves to work hard and enjoy it.

Missing 5's mean - These people often lack direction and may need others to motivate them. They need to learn to set and complete realistic goals.

Missing 7's mean - These people could be uninterested in other people's problems and feelings, and may not be interested in any form of spirituality. They don't like to be left on their own. They need to learn to be considerate of others feelings and misfortunes, and be more relaxed around others.

Missing 8's mean - These people can lack motivation and leave tasks unfinished. They may also have difficulty handling their financial matters, being either too careless or too trusting. They need to learn to control their spending and be less impulsive.

Is this a fair appraisal of Jen's tribulations and challenges in life? In summary it seems that Jennifer had to learn to become motivated, learn to find her direction and also become considerate of other's feelings and misfortunes. And most importantly, lose her skepticism. But is she skeptical? Is she unmotivated? Is she careless of other's feelings? Not knowing her and not being able to find anything useful about her, it's impossible to say. If anyone has any opinion on this please feel free to leave a comment.

And if anyone would like a free Lo Shu Numerology assessment, please contact me to request one.

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