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You've heard about it before - positive thinking. And you've tried it, countless times, but nothing's changed. But here you are reading about it again, trying to find a way to change your life for good. Your previous efforts may not have worked for one of two reasons. First, you may not have wholeheartedly applied your-self to the positive, 24/7, and/or you have some serious karma to clear up (more on this in another post). Either way, you can still get it to work.

Firstly you need to understand how positive thinking works. Within your consciousness you are equipped with a subconscious (mind), a conscious mind and a super-conscious (mind). You can think of this mind trilogy as an iceberg, the large mass of ice floating beneath the water is your subconscious, the small bit floating about visible to wary ships is the conscious mind, and the ocean you're floating in is the super-conscious.

The conscious mind is that which we identify with, the bit that we think of as "I". It receives data from the environment and reacts accordingly. If the environment gives out bad signals, the conscious mind goes on the defense, or attack. If the environment is benevolent, the conscious mind relaxes and feels happy.
The subconscious is the computer that interprets whether or not the environment or events are beneficial or threatening. It knows which is which as it has been trained throughout your lifetime by experience and teaching. And the subconscious mind's entire purpose is to protect you. Think of it as a huge computer, full of data and programs that feed the conscious mind instructions for living.

For example, if an infant finds a snake slithering past it, as it has no prerecorded fear of snakes, it will most likely play with the snake. But if the mother comes in and finds it doing this, she will react with horror, as she has been taught that snakes are dangerous, and the infant will learn that snakes equal horror and fear. The program has been installed in the infant's subconscious ready to protect it in future by causing the infant to react with fear should it see another snake .

The subconscious is very powerful, but it can not rationalise, and will simply run its programs regardless of any logic that the conscious mind may try to use in place of pre-programmed information. But it can be re-programmed to accomplish anything.

The super-conscious is the energy of the universe, the knowledge of all that has and will exist. It is Spirit. This knowledge is available to all, but can only be accessed through will. Ask and you shall receive. And with this sort of knowledge you can program your subconscious beyond it's limited experience to achieve anything. Think of the super-conscious as the World Wide Web with downloads available to you on anything you want. Without the connection to the internet, your computer remains functional but lacks the data that you need to be truly creative and keep up with trends. And unless you click on a link, the knowledge remains "out there". In order to enhance your life, you need to connect to the great world of spirit, the super-conscious, and re-program your subconscious mind to provide you with that which will really enhance your life.

You need to do two things to change your life.
  • Firstly you need to find out what it is you want, and you need to think outside of what your limited experience tells you is possible, in other words you need to access the super-conscious. Most people do this by prayer or meditation. This allows your conscious mind to get a glimpse of what is possible in the universe.
  • Once it has seen something it wants to achieve, then the second thing that needs to be done is to program the subconscious accordingly. This is done by repeated affirmation of the desired result i.e. thinking of nothing but your positive desired result 24/7.
It's simple, but not necessarily easy. The driving force is your desire, your need, to change your life. Your success will depend entirely upon this force.
I will show you how to do it in the next few posts.
Till then...

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