21st December 2012 - is it really doomsday?

The Maya calendar, a system used in pre-Columbian times in Mesoamerica, is still used by some communities in Mexico and Guatemala. The particular calendar that is causing all the fuss is the so-called long-count calendar. This calendar depicts time in long cycles starting from approximately August 11th 3114 BCE. This year, on 21st December, one of these long cycles comes to an end. This does not mean that this is the end of the world, but merely the beginning of another long cycle.

So why all the fuss? Why do people think the world will end on that day? Apart from the movie entitled 2012 which was released in 2009, depicting the end of the world in December 2012, there are many doomsday enthusiasts who have latched onto various theories regarding the end of the world at this time. These include the collision of earth with a planet called Nibiru, the alignment of earth with a black hole which will destroy us all and the sudden reversal of the earth's magnetic field.

Nibiru was apparently discovered by the Sumerians. A woman called Nancy Lieder claimed that as a child she was contacted by extra terrestrials who told her that earth's poles would shift when the celestial body Nibiru passed by, destroying mankind, in May 2003.

There is a black hole in what is called the galactic centre in the Milky Way. This is 28000 light years away and weighs 4 million times more than our sun. NASA states that since Earth is 165 quadrillion miles away from this black hole and Earth does not get closer to it than 1 part in 900 million, coupled with the fact that this happens during June and not December, and happens annually, makes the possibility of destruction due to Earth's proximity to the black hole this year most unlikely.

The reversal of earth's magnetic field happens regularly and is not a sudden process. The last reversal was about 780 000 years ago, twice as long as the average span between reversals. Currently the magnetic North pole is creeping northwards and moving faster as time progresses, now at the rate of 40 miles per year. According to scientists, these reversals have not had any effect on the earth or its inhabitants. Doomsday enthusiasts are concerned that during a reversal there is the possibility of the earth being without a magnetic field for a period of time. The magnetic field protects the earth from sun flares and radiation. NASA is of the opinion that this is unlikely to happen but if it did, the earth's thick atmosphere would protect us. And since these reversals are entirely unpredictable, there is no way of being able to state categorically that this will happen on the 21st December this year.

However, if you're not convinced, you may be interested in watching this YouTube clip. It's bad news and good news.......
However, one thing that is going to happen on 21st December is a galactic alignment. This means that visually the earth at winter solstice (northern hemisphere), the sun and the galactic equator of the Milky Way will be in alignment. As this only happens once in 28500 years it is rare and according to the Maya, important. Many sources believe that the cosmic energy produced by this conjunction will allow for an awakening of consciousness; provide people with the opportunity to open or accelerate their spiritual growth.

So keep all your appointments, don't cancel Christmas, and prepare yourself for a change in global consciousness, something well overdue in my opinion.

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