Just Imagine! Whatever you want....

If you read my last posts, you now know who you are and you also know what you want from life. All you have to do is find a way to get it, and I have just the trick for you.

Remember the post about the sub and super-conscious minds? And the fact that whatever you constantly think about becomes true? Your sub-conscious is a powerful giant ready to arrange whatever you want - all you have to do is program it accordingly.

The conscious mind thinks in words and logic.  The sub-conscious mind does not understand words, only feelings, sounds, images or anything else that can be translated by the senses. The super-conscious mind communicates  via feelings and the senses.  The sub-conscious mind is the intermediary between the super-conscious and the conscious minds. Ever had a "gut" feel, or "heard" a voice in your head, or "seen" a vision? That's your super-conscious sending you a message via your sub-conscious mind.

The sub-conscious takes the information it receives, whether from the "outside" world (the environment) or the "inner" world (super-conscious), goes into action and prompts the body to make things happen according to this information. For example, if the sub-conscious receives a message from the outside world such as the sight and smell of delicious food, it tells the body to get ready to eat. Or, when the portal to the super-conscious mind is open (via meditation or deep sleep) - for example, say you are dreaming that you are flying, your body will make the appropriate movements (ever watched a dog dreaming of chasing a rabbit?).

So, in order to get the sub-conscious mind to arrange what we want to happen, as we discussed before, we need to program the sub-conscious mind accordingly. The only thing we have to watch out for is the conscious mind (when we are awake) making "logical" rationalizations about what can or cannot be done, and sabotaging the sub-conscious mind's efforts.

So to get the conscious mind to think it's actually in control here, we give it the job of "telling" the sub-conscious what to do. To do this we encode whatever it is we want into visual, auditory and physical messages together with the relative emotions and "download" them to the sub-conscious repeatedly until we can easily recall them and feel the emotions clearly and strongly.

We must also remember that the sub-conscious does not understand time. It can make no sense of any term related to the past or future. Whatever you tell it must be represented in present tense, i.e. "now".

Now imagine that you have decided that being a world-class chef is what will fulfill you and make you wealthy. In order to succeed, you need to get your sub-conscious programmed for success. So apart from registering at the local chef school, you have to make up a short "program" in order to get the sub-conscious mind working on your wishes. Think of the "program" as a TV advertisement, with excellent movie footage, music and convincing dialogue and of course the right music. You also need to add the right sort of smells, tastes and other physical sensations. And most importantly, you need to attach feelings of success, excitement, fulfillment and happiness. A very futuristic TV ad which requires that you draw deeply upon your imagination.

Remember the ad has to be exciting, convincing and utterly real. Don't leave anything out. Your audience is your sub-conscious and it must feel excited and convinced when it views the ad. You put this ad together in whichever way you find easiest. Many people find that sticking pictures cut out of magazines and photos to make a collage of their future life works well.
This visual collage acts as a reminder to the conscious mind to "download" the program to the sub-conscious. While looking at the collage, you imagine yourself, as a chef, working in a top hotel, or your own restaurant. You smell the delicious food cooking, you hear the sizzle, you taste it, you see the people enjoying your food, you watch the money end up in the till, or your pay packet, and above all you feel fulfilled, excited, motivated and very very happy.

Do this as often as you can. Beware of the conscious mind's "logic" and insistence that it remain in control - it can feel very left out while you're doing this work with feelings and the senses and will want to join in or even stop you doing this in favour of something else, so give it a supportive role. Affirmations not only keep the conscious mind on-side but also keep it concentrating on downloading the program to the sub-conscious. So while you are doing all the imagination work, repeat to yourself a mantra or two, such as "I am the greatest chef of my time, I am successful and wealthy, I am happy".

Note the use of "am"- present tense. Don't ever say I "will be" or "someday I want to be" or any other future thing. If you do the sub-conscious will take you literally and keep you wishes in the future, just as you've programmed it to do.
So the trick to getting what you want in life is simple. Based on the above discussion, there are three steps to follow.

Step #1– Imagine whatever it is that you want to happen. Imagine it so vividly that you are there, totally involved, seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling everything to do with your wish. It's not so hard. Try this, think of a lemon with it's yellow skin. Stroke your fingers over the bumpy, yet smooth, surface, run your fingernail through the skin, feel your nail cut through the yellow rind into the white pith, releasing the powerful zest, lemon oil droplets breaking free, smearing over your fingers. Smell it as it makes your saliva flow. Pick the lemon up and take a bite, oh! The juices are really flowing now, aren't they? And your eyes are screwed up as you taste the sharp juice......How was that? Amazing what the imagination can do isn't it? You can do this with anything you want. So step #1 is VIVIDLY IMAGINE your wish. Live it completely in your imagination.

Step #2 – Believe that your wish will not only come true, but that you have already received it. Know that if you continue to hope that your wish will happen 'sometime in the future', that wish will remain in the future, and will never happen in the now. It's as easy as understanding why tomorrow never comes....because when tomorrow comes it is already 'today'. The concept of tomorrow can only ever remain in the future and can never be experienced in the present. You can't say “I am eating this apple tomorrow and it tastes delicious.” Similarly it makes no sense to say “one day” or “next month” or “next year” I will travel overseas, be rich, be happy, because your subconscious mind understands this literally, not having a calendar or clock, and keeps this wish exactly where you put it, sometime in the future. It does not and can not count down from that future time. So it is imperative to say, “My wish is (present tense”) happening now” and guess what, your subconscious will provide your wish for you as soon as the physical world can catch up with your imagination – some things do take a little time. So Step #2 is BELIEVE in your wish. ACT AS IF your wish has already been granted. Imagine how you will feel, look, what will be happening around you with your wish granted. Be like a child and dress up, act the part.

Step#3 - Now the third rule may seem a bit odd, but bear with me. In order for your wish to come true, you need to be thankful that you have "already received" your wish. Be grateful. Express your gratefulness. Thank God, the Universe, Goddesses, Your Higher Self or whatever or whoever you believe has been instrumental in getting you this wish that you believe has already happened. Act out your thankfulness and be generous. Give what you have. Give of that which you have wished for. If you have, or ACT as if you have, plenty of whatever you wished for, prove it by giving some away. This proof will kick start the process of receiving plenty. Life is a boomerang. Give wholeheartedly and it will come back to you. Give money, time, smiles, hugs, joy. Give, give, give. Children naturally give, before they have been taught the concept of ownership. Ever heard the term “Give and you shall receive”? The universe does not operate in a vacuum (ask Stephen Hawking). So whatever you give out will be replaced, given back to you in some form, because there cannot be an empty space. So this last rule, thankfulness, is the key to creating a new reality, creating your wish. Instead of taking, give and the universe will provide, and not only that, it will provide your dearest wish, that which you have vividly imagined, believed has already happened and been immensely grateful for.

Just a caution - be very careful that whatever you wish for can cause no harm. Always insert the phrase "perfect according to Divine Will" in your affirmations to make sure that only good comes of your wishes.

So go ahead and make your collage, program your sub-conscious to start making your new life, and wait patiently for the perfect result.
I would love to hear from those who have a story to tell about their wishes and how they came true so please comment. Till next time.................

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