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Jennifer Aniston
In the last post we talked about using numerology to establish who you are - who the person or soul deep inside is, the one who has hopes and dreams, and very likely, unfinished business. So what is numerology and how useful is it?

Numerology is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as "the study of numbers, such as the figures in a birth date, and of their supposed influence on human affairs". According to there is evidence that numerology was in use thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, China, Babylon, Rome, Japan and Greece, and in more 'modern' times, Pythagoras who was born in Greece in 569BC claimed that the entire universe could be expressed numerologically.

Without going into the history in depth, it is interesting that, like many other 'new' age philosophies, numerology is being used now to help people understand themselves and even predict the future. The science of numbers, their meanings and applications is vast and complex, and if you're interested simply Google numerology and you could be busy reading for days, but for now we will concentrate on how numerology helps us know ourselves.

So how does numerology work? One of the basic tenets of numerology is that numbers, (for our purposes numbers 1 through 9), each have a meaning, a tendency towards certain characteristics.

1 - Leadership, willpower, courage
2 - Co-operative, harmonious, loving
3 - Creative, imaginative, enthusiastic
4 - Practical, organised, trustworthy
5 - Motivational, versatile, multi-talented
6 - Compassionate, generous, family-oriented
7 - Analytical, spiritual, seeker of truth
8 - Powerful, inspiring, ambitious
9 - Socially conscious, visionary, self-less
11 - Master Number - highly charged version of 2 (1+1=2) intuitive, psychic, sensitive
22 - Master Number - highly charged version of 4 (2+2=4) intuitive and practical - master builder - turns dreams into reality - the most powerful number
33 - Master Number - highly charged version of 6 (3+3=6) master teacher - most influential number - concerned with the spiritual upliftment of mankind
Some numerologists also consider other double numbers to be significant eg 44, 55 etc

We can find out which number we came into this world with, by simply reducing our date of birth down to a single number. Write down your date of birth, for example Jennifer Aniston born on 11th of February 1969:


Then add up all the digits:


Then reduce that total further by adding the digits together :

2+9=11 (when numbers add up to 11, 22 or 33 they are called master numbers and not reduced any further - all other numbers are reduced down to 1 digit)

Jennifer's number is 11, and if you refer to the list above, she is likely to be highly intuitive, psychic and sensitive.

The number derived from a person's date of birth is a very significant number and will most likely in some loose way, define their basic characteristics, just as their main astrological influence does. This number is known in numerology as the Life Path, in other words, the path you are on in this existence, a map of the opportunities and challenges you will encounter through your life. It is up to you to make the most of these opportunities and find a way to deal with the challenges. It is your own personal game plan.

But there is more, as they say in the ads. Just as you cannot simplistically imply that because a person is born a Libran they cannot make up their minds, there are plenty of other influences to consider. Not only have you come onto Earth with a plan in mind, as indicated by your Life Path Number, but you also have brought with you your own particular
talents (as indicated by your birth day),
your goal or what you came to earth to achieve, in other words your destiny (as indicated by your name),
the inner you, the motivation behind what you want to achieve, your heart's desire (as indicated by the vowels in your name),
and of course there is your personality number, how others see you, how you represent yourself to the world, (as derived from the consonants in your name).

All of these together give a better idea of who you are as a complex whole person. So not only do we work with our date of birth, which of course many people will share, but we also have unique names, which are no accident either. Names are generally chosen by parents with a great deal of consideration, many not understanding the numerological relevance of this, yet knowing deep down that a person's name is important.

Jennifer's talents are indicated by the day of birth 11, again the psychic master number.

Jennifer's destiny or goal is revealed by reducing her name down to one number.

So how do we reduce a name down to a number? Simply follow this table:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Jennifer Aniston's full name on her birth certificate is Jennifer Joanne Aniston.J=1, E=5,N=5,N=5,I=9,F=6,E=5,R=9 adds up to 45 4+5 =9
J=1,O=6,A=1,N=5,N=5,E=5 adds up to 23 2+3=5
A=1,N=5,I=9,S=1,T=2,O=6,N=5 adds up to 38 3+8=11 1+1=2



So using the table above, Jennifer's destiny number is 7. Her goal is to be a seeker of truth.

Jennifer's inner self, her soul, what motivates her, is revealed by using the numbers related to the vowels in her name, which add up to 11. Jennifer's motivation in life is the master number 11, the psychic, sensitive intuitive.

And finally, Jennifer's personality, how others see her, is revealed by the numbers derived from the consonants in her name, reduced down to a 2. People see Jennifer as co-operative, harmonious and loving.

For a more in-depth discussion of Jennifer's numerology please see this post. But as to the basics, is this the real Jennifer, the psychic sensitive who is motivated by a desire to seek the truth, who is understood by others to be co-operative and loving? Is it possible that one of the most famous actresses ever is actually someone who deep down is spiritual, maybe psychic, and a seeker of truth? With three 11's in her numbers, it would seem to any numerologist that Jennifer should be deeply intuitive, while the 7 could make her crave solitude while she searches for answers, while the 2 shows her to be loving and caring.

Without knowing Jennifer personally, and even if you did, it would be difficult to say. A person's innermost desires and soul urges are most often hidden to the rest of the world, and very often to the person themselves, until and unless they start searching and recognise themselves eventually. Would Jennifer recognise herself as the person revealed by this analysis? Or would it take more years of life and trials to see the truth of herself? All we can discuss is Jennifer's personality as revealed by the consonants in her name. Is Jennifer loving and kind?

See this site for comments on Jennifer - apparently people like Jennifer, they find her loving and kind and want to be with her.

According to her close friend Cheryl Crow:

..." Jen is just beautiful, inside and out.”

“Jen’s an amazingly soulful person. She was completely generous in spirit and embracing and loving and compassionate and wise.”

“I think what she’s had to go through has been kind of demoralizing. To see that we’re stooping this low to press so heavily into somebody’s personal life and to vilify them, it’s discouraging. Yet she handles all of it with an immense amount of grace and compassion. She seems to always be operating from the heart.”

Jennifer's best friend seems to have picked up on not only Jennifer's number 2 personality (compassionate and loving) but also her 11's (operating from the heart), her 7 (wise) and her 9 (grace and compassion).

If you're reading this and know Jennifer, please comment if you feel that this discussion is accurate (or not) with regards to Jennifer Aniston's numerology. All I can say is, I will be watching Jennifer go through life as I expect to see her accomplish great things with regard to spirituality and compassion towards others. She has suffered and grown, as is expected for someone with an 11 influence (see in-depth report) and still seems to be on her path.

Having said that, there is no guarantee that if you are born with certain numbers, that you will turn out that way. We are born with choices, Earth is the planet of choice, and we can choose to follow our destinies, or we can choose to deviate, follow other paths. Indeed, should a person be born with unfavourable numbers, it makes sense to change things to improve one's chances of success. Obviously, this can be harder than going with the flow, but our numbers are only an indication of what is in store for us, and we have a right to do what we like about it. But knowing what we're in for, I feel, gives us a definite advantage, allowing us to decide what to do to get to where we want to go.

If you would like to have a report like Jennifer's done for yourself or a friend, I am happy to do this for you for free. Just leave a comment below letting me know how I can access your full name and date of birth, and of course, how to let you have the report.

Remember, until you know what your potential is, you may miss out on the success that's due to you.

He who knows others is learned

he who knows himself is wise.

Lao-tzu- Tao te Ching (6th Century BC)

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