Success is simple!

“Success is simple, whatever you vividly imagine, want badly enough, Absolutely positively believe, powerfully commit to and not give up on, YOU WILL ACHIEVE”

This was given to me many years ago when I was going through a tough time. Not long ago when I was negotiating yet another difficult transit I unearthed the yellow photocopy and stuck in up on my wall. I read it daily, or at least as often as I passed it. For a while nothing changed. I still felt miserable, depressed, unloved, angry......

Then one day I noticed that I was thinking differently, making better decisions. I was also finding serendipitous opportunities and advice making their way to me. Then quite extraordinary changes started to take place without my doing anything. For example, in order for me to follow through with a decision I had made, several things had to happen first - long story - things that I could not actually do anything about and were very likely to take many years. These things suddenly happened and also in the right order.

I am still having to make brave decisions but I am finding that appropriate advice and help keeps coming my way and my 'support system' is growing. The right people are coming into my sphere and I am coping with setbacks so much more easily.

When I first started reading the advice on that old photocopy, I kept trying so hard, trying to 'vividly imagine', trying to 'want badly enough' and 'believe' and 'commit to' but it made me anxious and headachy so I gave that up and just read it.

I think this is where the super-conscious came in (read my post) - the part of your mind that does not need you to consciously do anything. It falls into the category "ask and you shall receive". Just being willing to want changes makes things happen.

But I do think that the part about 'vividly imagine' is also very important, but not something to concentrate too hard on or struggle with. Rather something to have fun with - imagine yourself in your new situation - act the part! (see this post) Enjoy imagining the new you. And success will be simple!

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