How I got thin eating fat.

Don't believe me? It's true. Many years ago when I was quite fit and well and not at all concerned about my weight, I married and gained thereby a mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law who were very slim body types and decided that for many reasons, including my non-anorexic figure, that I didn't fit into the family theme. Pressure was applied and voila! I decided I must be too fat and took up Weight Watchers.

This was very successful - you know it, calorie and fat controlled diet, classical. But then the weight just piled on as soon as I started to eat the foods I always had. Years and years of yo-yo weight and dieting brought me to the point where I was sick of life and very fat. I had also developed arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression....well just about everything...thyroid problems, liver problems, adrenal problems. Anxiety.

It was not so long ago I discovered Zoe Harcombe and her revolutionary diet. Simple really, and very close to nature. Eat protein together with fat but no carbohydrates in the same meal. When you eat carbohydrates don't eat fat with them. Eat only when you're hungry. Eat regularly, three times daily.

Now if you look at nature, lions eat meat which is laced with fat. They don't have the option of asking for the lo-fat zebra. And look at them. Fit and healthy and not addicted to chocolate or soda. And they eat when they're hungry. Or take the Zebra. He eats practically all day.  Grass and the grains that go with them. No fat. Look at the Zebra, he can run like the best of them.

This was the best thing to happen to me. All of the foods on the allowed list are my favourites. I eat butter which I love. Cream too is one of my favourite foods. Delicious Salmon fillets with asparagus dotted with butter. Since I've been eating this way I have never been hungry, and have lost all my cravings. I don't even look at chocolate and sweets having simply lost my appetite for them. I'm back to the weight I had when I married all those fateful years ago, my arthritis is gone, chronic fatigue is gone, depression is gone, and thankfully, my in-laws have also gone.

Best thing I ever did. Look this up and do yourself a favour.

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