Why should you eat only organic food?

Organic food is produced in soil that contains no artificial fertilisers. Some of us have heard about the long-term damaging effects artificial (chemically synthesised inorganic) fertilisers have on the soil and environment.

Although convenient and fast acting, artificial fertilisers:

  • are poisonous if ingested
  • contain cadmium, lead, arsenic, chromium and nickel - heavy metals which accumulate in the soil and in human and animal bodies causing many types of illnesses
  • contain toxic organic pollutants such as  dioxins, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) which compromise the immune system, especially in infants
  • contain Uranium and Polonium-210 - these radioactive elements cause cancer and leukemia
  • increase emissions of greenhouse gases such as Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia into the atmosphere
  • encourage life span, birth rate and fitness of many pest forms
  • acidify the soil reducing the intake of nutrients to plants
  • create huge problems with our water - run-off depletes oxygen in oceans, aquifers and rivers thereby killing off plants and animals that live in the water - the nitrate accumulation can take decades to be naturally reversed - nitrates in groundwater are known to cause the potentially fatal  blue baby syndrome
  • are unsustainable as they are produced from natural gas and coal which are limited resources
  • are used to make bombs - hundreds of troops in Afghanistan have been killed by home-made bombs made from ammonium nitrate 

Please be aware that although the commercially produced food you see on the shelves may look just the same as the organic food alongside it, it potentially contains these poisons which can seriously harm you and your families and, also, by the time it has arrived in the shops, it has already caused massive harm to the environment.

Think organic, buy organic, eat organic. The more people turn to organic food, the cheaper it will become. And the added benefit will be a reduced burden on public health systems and a feeling of incredible well-being that comes from having a healthy body.

And wait...don't go. There's more. Organic food really does taste so much better than commercially produced food. Try some today and see.

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