How to change the world

Many people believe that the world is in the worst state ever. The environment is struggling. People have become intensely selfish. Young people are becoming violent.
"Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy!"

Some people even believe that the end of the world is coming soon. Remember all of those people who awaited the "Rapture" on 21st May 2011? Some believe that the world will end on 21st October 2011. Others are sticking with the Mayan calendar, which has no more entries after 21st December 2012.

What does all this mean? Must we believe this too? That the world will end soon. Or can we change what seems to be an inevitable outcome?

I think it's possible. What is needed is a change of attitude on a global scale.

I know I'm probably preaching to the converted, but you are the only ones who can make this happen, you can turn the world around, you can draw us away from Armageddon and change the consciousness of the Earth from predominantly negative to joyfully positive.

And it's simple. Not easy, but simple. All every person has to do is change their attitude.

If you read any of my posts about getting what you want in life, you already know how to do it. All you have to do is powerfully imagine and positively believe in a better outcome and act as if it has already happened. Like I said, simple but not easy.

First Snowflake Photos - 1885, Wilson A. Bentley
And you will find that not only will things change for you personally, but that your positive thoughts will affect everyone and everything else around you ... and in the whole universe. Because your positive intention, just like a negative intention, is like an electrical pulse that spreads its waves outwards.

Thought, or Intention, is energy, just as everything on the Earth and in the universe is energy, and its frequency blends in with all other frequencies, changing them. This is how you can affect everything, just as much as you are affected by other peoples' thought waves.

There has been some very interesting experimentation by Masaru Emoto who took water droplets from various sources, put them in containers and randomly labelled them with words such as "hate" or "love" and then froze them.

The droplets solidified into crystals, and what was astounding was the ones that were labelled with negative words, turned out misshapen and ugly, whereas those labelled with positive words became quite beautiful.

Even droplets from polluted sources which, when frozen with no label, looked ugly, changed when labelled with positive words. The implications of this are huge.

As most forms of life consist of water, imagine that one word or thought from you will send energy waves through this water, affecting it positively or negatively. Ever said to someone "You make me sick!" . Have you wondered that that person's negative waves or "vibes" were indeed making you sick, affecting all the water in your body. That person would also have been making themselves sick, as thought waves travel through everything in the vicinity.

So you can see how important it is that we all discipline our thoughts, not only for our own good, but for the good of the entire universe.

So stop watching violent films and television, cancel the newspaper delivery and think only happy thoughts. If you don't have anything good to say about something or someone, say nothing.  And dwell on the good things around you, as far as possible ignoring the bad.

As my dear friend Philippa says: "Pain is inevitable; misery is optional. Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy." Each night when you go to sleep, count on your fingers five good things that have happened in your day. And then sleep peacefully. Your happy thoughts and dreams will create a new reality for you and the universe.

Go ahead. Change the world.

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