Are you sick of life?

Are you sick of life, or are you just sick? Illness takes many forms, attacking various or many parts of the body, mind and even spirit. We take drugs, eat carefully and exercise, but often our illnesses persist. Why is this? Are we just susceptible according to our genetic makeup? Or are there so many malevolent viruses and bacteria out there that we simply can't escape them and it's 'pot-luck' what we catch?

But I ask the question, why are we ill at all? If you look at nature we see that disease occurs only when the organism is out of balance with it's environment, and/or the environment is out of balance. And there is ample evidence that the environment is clearly out of balance now. And so are we. Thus, we become ill.

But what is a balanced environment? And how do we get it back?

Many folk equate the word environment with plants, rivers, animals and the ocean, or nature as a whole, as if we are separate from it, and also as if it is separate from spirit. Apply scientifically proven remedies and healing is expected.   But these remedies, as effective as they may be, are applied to single parts of the whole; we plant more trees to counteract carbon pollution, we send research divers down into the depths with nurtured orphan creatures to try to restart new colonies. But we are not getting anywhere fast, because as quickly as we try to patch one hole in the dam wall, others appear due to the persistent attack of humans upon the environment.

Our sick environment affects us all. There are no longer enough of certain vital minerals and trace elements in the soil, making everything we grow deficient, and therefore creating deficiencies in our bodies. And like the cultivated earth, we apply artificial nutrients in an attempt to address the balance. But the earth is not only made of scientific ingredients, and neither are we. Man-made chemicals lack a wholeness that is unquantifiable. They lack life. They lack spirit.

As we and all that is within the universe consist of spirit, a life-force that flows freely where channels are clear and organisms are in balance, all matter has the potential to be whole and perfect, providing that these channels are kept clear and balanced. When spiritual channels become blocked (through emotional upset and trauma) the effects eventually percolate down through the body, allowing disease to take over and even accidents to happen. One can treat the physical quite successfully, but in order to ensure that diseases do not recur, one must attend to the initial cause of the physical problem, that is, the emotional unbalance and blockage.

For those who have heard of Louise Hay, none of this is news. She maintains that diseases are caused by particular emotional traumas. For example, cancer is caused by deep grief or hurt, unresolved resentment eating away at one. Alzheimer's is a refusal to deal with the world as it presents itself, reality. Influenza is caused by believing in mass negativity (being inFLUenced). AIDS is caused by sexual guilt or denial of self, feeling defenseless. For a complete list see this link

If you examine your own illness or disease patterns, looking at when they first occurred, or when they tend to reoccur, remembering what emotional state you were in at the time, you are likely to discover that this list is not only quite accurate, but also very helpful, guiding you to healing the blocked spiritual pathways, and helping to heal your disease completely as you concurrently eat and drink mindfully, taking natural exercise and learning to be calm.

Also remember your environment. This includes not only nature, but all people and things surrounding you. Send thoughtful messages to all entities to encourage environmental balance, while you campaign for food to be free of genetic modification,  for the saving of forests and whales, for the salvage of heirloom and traditional plants and for humans to learn to respect our Mother Earth in her wholeness.

You have the ability to be well and whole, and when you are you will be able to channel energy to everything around you, helping to heal the world.

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