Lose weight fast, naturally, keep it off and never feel hungry!

One of the big bug-bears of ageing is the frustrating problem of weight gain. This is especially evident for women undergoing menopause. If you're reading this you have probably tried every diet on the planet. If you're reading this and are still over-weight, then you most likely have not heard of the one diet of the many that I have tried in my lifetime, that actually works.

This diet, or shall we call it rather, eating style, requires no counting of calories or measuring of portions. It also allows you to eat the good fats and oils so essential to good health and glowing skin. Intrigued?

The diet was developed by Zoe Harcombe who spent most of her life struggling with her weight, trying diet after diet and getting fatter and fatter.

In the late 1980's she set out on a quest to find out why her calorie controlled diets were making her fatter and produced a book The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it? 

She is now a qualified nutritionist and obesity researcher and has formulated a way of eating that is pleasurable, never makes you hungry, keeps you very healthy, needs no calculations and best of all keeps you slim.

It's called the Harcombe Diet and the basic principle is that you do not eat fat or protein with carbohydrate. The theory behind this is that fat and carbohydrate are both energy sources and if you eat them in the same meal, one of them will be used for energy and the other will be turned into fat. You only need to eat one at a time.

So, if you want to eat potatoes, or bread, or rice, do not add oil or fat or protein. If you want to eat meat or fish or eggs, you can add fat or oils. She also advocates eating a lot of vegetables. Green vegetables to go with the protein meal and any vegetables to go with the carbohydrate meal.

I went onto this and I not only lost inches, but they have stayed off.  Typically, I have a large plate of eggs cooked in butter with a huge green leafy salad for breakfast, as much fish as I like for lunch, again with green salad and salad dressing made with good oils and in the evening I eat a plate of rice with vegetables, such as a colourful vegetable risotto. I use a little oil now if I need it for these carbohydrate meals, but if you're trying to lose weight then this is not advised. I also can have natural yoghurt after each meal, and for treats I have fresh fruit in-between meals, some seriously dark fair-trade chocolate after a meal, and fresh strawberries and cream are one of my favourites.

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You won't regret it. Dieting was never this much fun!

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