Natural Menopause

Menopause is, for many women, a very difficult time. By the time menopause kicks in, many women already feel that their bodies are no longer attractive - greying hair, flabby skin, cellulite and drooping jawlines are often appearing, and then menopause strikes and weight gain, moodiness, hot flushes, aching body, fatigue, water retention, swelling and sore breasts, irregular periods, night sweats, depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia and a reduced interest in sex is added to the bundle.

Menopause is the time of life when the body ceases to be able to reproduce. Typically, levels of the hormones Oestrogen  and Progesterone decline, creating the uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above. Hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed, but these drugs often create side effects that some women feel they cannot live with.

I was fortunate enough to be advised early on to use a natural Progesterone cream that I simply rub into my skin. You can obtain it from I find that if I use this for 22 days a month, mimicking the natural cycle, I am free of menopause symptoms. Before I discovered this, I had really bad symptoms. Apparently if you have suffered from Endometriosis as I have, your menopause will start sooner, last longer and feel worse than normal.

I did try many other natural products, most of them designed to increase Oestrogen, such as Red Clover, and whenever I used these my symptoms became worse than normal. I finally discovered why. The body produces less and less Oestrogen and when ovulation stops, pretty much no Progesterone. Therefore, the Oestrogen/Progesterone proportion is all wrong, with too much Oestrogen in the body. It is this Oestrogen dominance that creates the horrible menopause symptoms.

Not only that, but our bodies are becoming targets of rogue Oestrogens caused by toxins in our environments, the use of plastic bottles and packaging, birth control pills and poor diets including too few vegetables, thereby increasing the difference between the two hormones even more.

This is why supplementing with progesterone alone can redress the balance and reduce the symptoms. Your symptoms can further be reduced by adopting a healthy lifestyle. You will need to stop using plastic drinking bottles and reduce the use of any other plastic for wrapping and cooking foods in. Eat lots of vegetables, in particular, the cruciferous family i.e. the cabbage family - cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi etc. You should eat some cabbage family vegetable every day and, as I do, eat vegetables with every meal, even breakfast. Smoking and breathing in toxic fumes also needs to be addressed as well as you can.

I can tell you that you need not suffer nor do you need to take artificial drugs to reduce your symptoms. Menopause is natural and can be treated naturally.

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