Shades of Grey - the Natural Way

One of the first things that makes us fifty-somethings feel old is the grey or greying hair that slowly creeps up on us over the years. Many women and some men resort to dyeing their hair over the years from the time the first few grey hairs are sighted. However, the chemicals contained in these hair dye treatments are not only harsh, damaging the hair, but they also are toxic. Using or working with hair dyes increases the risks of allergies, athsma and several types of cancer.

So what to do about it? Many people feel that grey hair is ageing, and especially in the corporate world, women in particular feel they are taken more seriously if they are not grey. Some health conscious women try henna which on some complexions looks striking, but it is red which does not necessarily suit some skin colours, while some feel that it is too bold a statement for their particular lifestyles.

But the times they are a'changing. There are many iconic and well-known personalities who proudly sport their lovely grey hair, keeping it beautifully cut and shiny. Just take a look at Judi Dench, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Clooney, Helen Mirren, Richard Gere, Steve Martin well, the list is long. Grey hair shows that you have lived life, have gained wisdom and serenity and are proud of who you have become.

 I had gone quite grey by the time I reached my fifties, having stopped dyeing my hair due to worrying about the effects of the dye on my health. Then a strange thing happened. I started taking a vitamin supplement containing 2mg of copper and after about 6 months I noticed that my hair had started looking its old natural colour in certain lights. My hair is actually a soft mix of grey and blonde now, a look I am quite happy with.

Strangely, many younger women are dyeing their hair grey, or silver, so I do not see any reason why fifty-somethings should not just go grey. The only exceptions are for those who are at the in-between stage of greying, the salt and pepper stage where some hairs are white, some light grey, some dark and some still the original hair colour.

There are a few simple natural ways to deal with salt and pepper hair. Lighten your hair by using any of the natural treatments listed below - I have used these with great success:
  • Lemon juice - pour half a cup of fresh lemon juice into wet hair and go and sit in the sun for a while. Remember to keep your hair in the sun and your face out of it. Then wash you hair and condition it. Your hair will lighten gradually using this treatment.
  • Chamomile - use chamomile tea or shampoo - this is also a gradual process.
  • Honey and cinnamon - both of these have natural peroxide which is a lightener. Make a paste and spread it into warm damp hair. Cover with a plastic shower cap and then with a warm towel and keep warm for about an hour. Rinse, wash and condition.

Hopefully this has inspired you to embrace the Golden Age and walk tall with your naturally grey hair.

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