Noise - the bane of my life.

Are you one of those people who hates noise? Or do you not even notice it? I'm one of those who can work or sleep through certain types of noises - I live near one of the largest airports in the world but I have to say I don't notice the noise coming from there. There is a railway line nearby and that too just provides background noise. The city ring road sounds like the ocean to me. But as soon as somebody plays music or starts talking or starts their car it immediately distracts me.

I imagine this is a side effect of having lived in some really silent places for many years - I love silence - to me it's the best music in the world. Don't get me wrong - I don't mean dead silence - any sounds of nature are welcome in my almost silent concerto.

I have found since living here that I am becoming more tolerant of noise but I still haven't got my nerves around petrol heads revving up their cars in the nearest pub car park, or that noise that some people call music which is basically just thudding at the loudest volume imaginable. I have to wonder that these people have not made themselves deaf.

All right - I've had my rant of the day - thanks for listening.

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